Ethnocineca Filmwerkstatt: At Risk In The City

During 10 days, from 2 – 12 May, the ERC ARTIVISM project participated in the Film Workshop organized by Ethnocineca in Vienna, Austria. With fellow anthropologists and visual artists, we had the chance to discuss the different possibilities and limits to visually narrate and document stories that are at Risk.

The Ethnocineca -International Documentary Film Festival takes place in Vienna, Austria, from 23 – 29 Mai, 2019. This edition presents a rich program that addresses current political and social issues worldwide. For more information about the program, follow the link. The film “We keep on dancing“ produced by members of our team during the workshop will be presented on Wednesday 29.5.

“We keep on dancing“. A film by Sara Wiederkehr, Federica Moretti, and Daniel Grabher. In collaboration with Manfredo Hans Bani Eberle. Original Music: A.R.K

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