Federica Moretti


Federica is a PhD candidate in Anthropology at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). She is involved in the ERC-ARTIVISM project since December 2016. She holds a B.A. in Cross-cultural Communication with a specialization in Sociology of Migrations from the Università degli Studi di Torino (IT), as well as a M.Sc. in Social and Cultural Anthropology with a specialization in Migrations, Minorities and Multiculturalism from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE).  During her B.A., she was an exchange student at the Universität Bremen (DE) in the framework of the Erasmus project.

As an undergraduate, Federica actively participated in socio-cultural projects as member of AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) and A.M.E.C.E. (Association Maison d’Enfant Pour la Culture et l’Education), where she organized cultural and sport events, and contributed in developing international exchanges. She also worked as a researcher at RAI (Italian national public broadcasting company), developing a study on the radio-television representations of the Italian emigrants in the Sixties and Seventies.

Before enrolling in her PhD at the University of Lausanne, she worked at the ITAL-Uil Suisse headquarter in Bienne within the governmental-funded project “Old and New Italian Migrations”, where she provided assistance to the Italian community of the Geneva and Bern Cantons, and carried out a research on the cognitive-normative tensions driving the discourses of the Italians living in Switzerland. This research was presented at an international conference in Santiago de Compostela (ES).

Federica’s academic works focus on migration-related phenomena. In her M.Sc. thesis “Broken Dreams of a Dream Country. Italy Between Wishes and Disenchantments” directed by Prof. Dr. Salazar (KU Leuven) and Dr. Elliot (University of Bristol), she explored the mobility of young Italians adopting the imaginaries’ theoretical perspective, that allowed a broader understanding of the dynamics triggering the motion of people. She presented her thesis in an international conference in Turin (IT), and part of it was published in scientific and international journals.


Salzbrunn M., Moretti F., (2020), Il carnevale tra limiti, trasgressioni, rinnovamenti e rivendicazioni. Resistenza festiva a Nizza, Marsiglia e Viareggio, LEA, Firenze University Press, https://oajournals.fupress.net/index.php/bsfm-lea/issue/view/522/98
Moretti, F., (2016), Broken Dreams of a Dream Country, AEMI Journal, Vol. 13/14, pp. 182-92
Moretti, F., (2015), Immaginari d’Italia. Tra metamondi e realtà, Romaneske, III, pp.31-7
Moretti, F., (2015), Broken Dreams of a Dream Country. Italy Between Wishes and Disenchantments, Altreitalie 51, pp. 69-84

International conferences and participations

06/2021, Journée des doctorant·e·s, UNIL : “Expérimenter en sciences humaines : problèmes, méthodes, apports”, Faculté des lettres. Contribution : “Le carnaval comme apprentissage. Sens, techniques, relations, espaces urbains” (CH)

05/2021, Journée des Doctorant.e.s de l’URMIS, Université de Paris-Diderot, (online). Contribution : “On fait de la réinvention pour s’approprier une appropriation. Un regard ethnographique sur carnavals et fêtes indépendants comme performances politico-créatives” (FR)

04/2021, SSE annual meeting, “Re-viewing the field: Contemporary debates and approaches to fieldwork” (online), ERC-ARTIVISM team, Table ronde: “Vulnerability in and on the field”, collective paper: “Creative Methodologies and Power Relations: Co-Creation and Restitution in Contexts of Artivism” (CH)

03/2021, ESA-Arts 11th Midterm conference (online), “The social effects of art”, ERC-ARTIVISM team, Workshop : “Ethnographic Madeleines, a workshop on sensorial methods for ethnographic inquiries”, collective paper: “Whose aesthetics in which décor? Performative art and muralism as activist art against gentrification. Insights from Cameroon, California and Mediterranean cities” (FIN)

12/2020-11/2021, CUSO Anthropology: “Migration, Representation, Reflexivity”, PhD workshop co-organised with Sara Wiederkehr and Serjara Aleman, (CH)

11/2020, “Dal rito al mito. Il Carnevale nella cultura europea”, webinar, paper with Monika Salzbrunn : “Il carnevale tra limiti, trasgressioni, rinnovamenti e rivendicazioni. Resistenza festiva a Nizza, Marsiglia e Viareggio”, (IT)

11/2019, MBOA BD Festival, “Bande dessinée, afrofuturisme, narratifs et imaginaire”, Douala et Yaoundé (CM)

08/2019, 14th ESA international conference Europe and Beyond : Boundaries, Barriers and Belongings, ERC-ARTIVISM team, Manchester (UK)

06/2019, CombArt, International conference in Art, Activism and Citizenship, ERC-ARTIVISM team, Porto (P)

05/2019, “We keep on dancing”, short documentary, Ethnocineca – International Documentary Film Festival Vienna (A)

04/2019, Méthodologie(s) de recherche sur les pratiques festives et carnavalesques, ERC-ARTIVISM team, Vitré (F)

01/2019, Journée de présentation des travaux doctorales, URMIS, Nice (F)

10/2018, Colloque de recherche ISSR, Lausanne (CH)

02/2018, Journée d’étude Carnaval et Subversion, Nice (F)

07/2017, Images and texts reproduced/La reproduction des images et des textes. 11th International IAWIS/AIERTI Conference, Lausanne (CH)

09 – 10/2016, European Migrant Diasporas and Cultural Identities, Santiago de Compostela (E)

09/2015, Europe and Migrations in the 3rd Millennium, Turin (I)

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