Michèle Jaccoud Ramseier


I am the secretary of the project ARTIVISM, as of September 1st 2020

I’ve been working at the University of Lausanne since January 2012, in charge of the administrative aspects for various European grants (H2020, Marie Curie, FP7) and Swiss National Funds. My job is to help the core team with travels, reimbursements, contracts, conferences and seminars.

I grew up and studied between Lausanne, Geneva and the Alps area. I have professional experiences in several domains, such as hotels, watches, tourism offices, outplacement, building and medical devices. Being able to help promoting research in Switzerland is very important for me.

I am very interested in Art, Nature and local “slow and green” tourism development. I practice kundalini yoga, ski, running, aquagym and cycling. I love Japan and Japanese food. One of my skills is to be curious and my need to learn at any time.

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