The film Créer, Résister, Exister directed by Monika Salzbrunn at the 8th Compleanno de Libera Collina de Castello, Genoa

The ERC Film “Créer, Résister, Exister” (75’30), directed by Monika Salzbrunn, will be presented at the 8th celebration of the occupation of Libera Collina di Castello in Genoa, Italy.

The screening of the film is part of the recitation and feedback sessions that the ERC Artivism team organises with their interlocutors to have an exchange about the research results at the different sites.

About the film:

“Créer, Résister, Exister. Formes d’engagement activiste au Cameroun, aux États-Unis, en France et en Italy.”

Year of production: 2022

Duration: 75’30

Direction: Monika Salzbrunn

Country: Switzerland

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