Artivism Team at the SEG/SEE Annual Meeting 2022

The Erc Team contributes to this year’s annual meeting conference of the Swiss Anthropological Association “Give and Take. Anthropology as exchange” with a panel and a paper.

Monika Salzbrunn and Raphaela von Weichs are convenors from the panel “Comics, drawings, photos, films, blogs: Feedback and fair benefit sharing – giving research results back to a broader audience”.

The team participates with the paper “ Discussing the field in the field. Co-construction and benefit-sharing as part of the anthropological practice”, 

where they will discuss their research in light of how the co-construction of images and outcomes challenges the ethnographic field and the construction of anthropological knowledge? What are the limits and scopes of the restitution process in anthropological research?


For more information about the panel and the Annual Meeting visit the SAGW webpage:

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