Workshop VII on IT Security

Workshop VII on IT Security

Today the team met for our 7th workshop, devoted to computer and cyber security.

One of the most challenging issues the team has to cope with is how to handle personal data and to insure the safety of our research participants. This workshop was held in order to alert the team members of the risks of the Internet. The IT security team of the University of Lausanne, as well as members of the Laboratoire de cultures et humanités digitales (LaDHUL) provided us general tricks (like what is a secure password, cf. image bellow), as well as more detailed explanations of the process to encrypt files that have to be protected. After an intense morning of work, we are now well equipped to go on the field and close to completely fulfill our Data Security Plan.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Yassine Ghennai (CI), Hamid Hussain-Khan (CI), Manuel Girardin (CI), Marion Rivoal (LaDHUL and Loïc Jaouen (LaDHUL) for their precious help, advice, and availability.


Sylvain Besençon

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