International IAWIS/AIERTI Conference

Images and texts reproduced

XIth International IAWIS/AIERTI Conference
University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
10-14 July 2017
By choosing the topic of “Images and texts reproduced,” the eleventh IAWIS conference aims to explore the impact of reproduction/reproducibility on artistic and literary creation, and on the textual and visual constructions of knowledge in the humanities.

Monika Salzbrunn and Raphaela von Weichs organise a panel on “La reproduction comme acte performatif. BD, arts de la rue et carnaval” which takes place on Tuesday 11th July from 9 to 10.30 a.m. (session 4). Lilian Louvel will give a paper on “Ernest Pignon-Ernest: ‘occuper la ville'”, Federica Moretti will speak about “Voicing political stances by means of reproduction: How the reproduction of a dead person’s portrait may become an icon of resistance”. Finally, Monika Salzbrunn and Raphaela von Weichs will present a paper on: “Charlie Hebdo and Comics in Carnival: About censorship during performative reproduction processes”.


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