CUSO Anthropology: Migration, Representation and Reflexivity – II

The CUSO Anthropology workshop “Migration, Representation, and Reflexivity – II”, organized by Sara Wiederkehr, Federica Moretti, and Serjara Aleman, had the participation of Anthropologist and Artist Prof. Susan Ossman, and Visual Anthropologist Dr. Eda Elif Tibet.

During two intense days, Students from different universities in Switzerland joined Prof. Susan Ossman, Prof. Monika Salzbrunn, Dr. Eda Elif Tibet, and Dr. Esther Leemann in discussing representation and reflexivity in current anthropological and art-based research.

This workshop aimed at discussing the possibility and the necessity of questioning categories and concepts in current anthropological studies. For doing so, the invited experts presented their experience and discussed the ongoing research of the PhD Students.

On Thursday 25 November, Susan Ossman shared her expertise in the stimulating workshop “On research design and ‘Shifting Worlds, Shaping Fieldwork’ “, where students discussed their fieldwork and its representation.

Eda Elif Talif shared on the following day her experience in Visual Anthropology in the workshop “Mobilities and Transformative Multimodal Storytelling”.

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