Workshop with Hannah Wadle: “Museum of Longing”

As part of Prof. Monika Salzbrunn’s Master Seminar « Migration dans l’art, art dans la migration et artistes migrant.e.s », Dr. Hannah Wadle presented the interactive Workshop “Museum of Longing“.

The aim of the workshop was to encourage researchers to include longing in their ethnographic practice, and to discussed methodological possibilities suited to the own field site.

Together with the Master students we discussed longings. “Our longings are connective forces between here and there. As researchers of creativity and resistance, we grow an increased attentiveness to longings and desires. It helps us to engage differently and deepening our understanding of interlocutors, field sites, field work communities and of our own position in the field” (Wadle 2020). For more information, please visit the worskhop’s website:

The workshop was possible thanks to the coordination of ERC Artivism affiliated and PhD Student Ms. Ana Rodríguez. 

(Featured Image taken from the website of the workshop: © Hannah Wadle)

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