First ERC ARTIVISM shortfilm: Defilé Maddalena La Superba à Gênes

Together with ERC filmmaker Pascal Bernhardt, ERC ARTIVISM PI Monika Salzbrunn has realised the first ARTIVISM short film, « Defilé Maddalena La Superba à Gênes ». Following the ARTIVISM field-crossing method, ERC Senior Raphaela von Weichs was part of the camera team. The film is part of ARTIVISM’s politics of images, contributing to reverse the stigma of a port district marked by prostitution and drugs, by showing its inhabitants’ agency, creativity and place-making. Various tailors, fashion artists and vintage shop owners from different origins and backgrounds have organised a fabulous fashion show – a new form of artivist action invented in 2017.
So far, the film has been presented at the UNESCO International Conference on Urban Cultures, Heritage and Superdiversity, 15.-16.2.18, Utrecht, at the Colloque Carasso Pratiques artistiques contemporaines d’Afrique : formes et enjeux politiques, Musée d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, 17.-18.5.18 and at the International Visual Sociology Summer School Decolonizing the Gaze – Reviving Colonial Archives, Concordia University Montreal/University of Genova, 11.-15.6.18.

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