ERC Artivism at the ESA-ARTS Conference in Helsinki

The ERC Artivism Team is participating at the The ESA Research Network Sociology of the Arts Conference in Helsinki. The Conference is organised by the University of the Arts (Uniarts) Helsinki, Center for Cultural Policy Research CUPORE, and the European Sociological Association, Sociology of the Arts Research Network (RN2).

The ERC Artivism Team will participate on Wednesday 10 March with their paper “Whose Aesthetics in which décor? Performative art and muralism as activist art against gentrification. Insight from Cameroon, California, and Mediterranean cities”, in which they discuss the different performative arts and mural art in contexts of gentrification and touristification. You can read the abstract here.

On Thursday 11 March, they organize the Workshop Ethnographic Madeleines, a workshop on sensorial methods for ethnographic inquiries. 

The ESA-Arts 2021 midterm conference focuses on the social function and effects of the arts and invites artists and researchers to discuss their role: “it is vital for social arts researchers to reconsider their role: are they neutral investigators whose work may benefit all stakeholders, are they bent toward advocacy of art, or are they assisting in the instrumentalization of art, knowingly or not? How much of the evidence that we provide for the social effects of art for the governments is tenable? Which approaches would we apply if we could freely choose how to study the societal significance of art?” (quoted from their website). These are the question that summons us to the ESA Arts midterm conference. You can find more information here.


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