We Keep on Dancing. The film

In Mai 2019, Federica Moretti and Sara Wiederkehr participated in the Workshop Ethnocineca FilmWerkstatt. As part of the workshop, they produced the Film “We keep on dancing”, together with Daniel Grabher and in collaboration with Manfredo Hans Bani Eberle. The film was presented at the International Documentary Film Festival Vienna on the 28. Mai at the Votiv Kino.

We keep on Dancing

The short film explores the story of Bani, Colombian migrant living in Vienna. Despite the violence he has encountered in his life, he found in music a safe space to live and create.

When he was younger, Bani had a dream about a Shamaness. After talking with his father, he learned that his grandmother was a shaman, and he was adopted. We keep on dancing portraits his life and struggles while discussing the borders between the real world and the dreamlike world. The film is a dialogue between the shamanic heritage and the western life, the struggle of migration, the violence, and the contradictions of modern life.

“We keep on dancing”. A film by Sara Wiederkehr, Federica Moretti, and Daniel Grabher.
In collaboration with Manfredo Hans Bani Eberle.
Original Music: A.R.K.
Vienna, 2019

Duration: 5’29”

Languages: Spanish and English

This project received funding from:

Centre interdisciplinaire en histoire et sciences des religions (CIHSR), Université de Lausanne, And Institute de Sciences Sociales des Religions (ISSR), Université de Lausanne.

The European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (ARTIVISM – grant agreement No 681880)


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