Carnevale di Viareggio 2018 – the second corso mascherato

The ERC-ARTIVISM research and film team returned to Viareggio to participate in the second corso of the carnival.

The team immersed deeply into its atmosphere by exploring the preparatory work of the carristi and by taking part in the Rione Marco Polo, one of the districts’ celebrations organized by the inhabitants of Viareggio during the carnival period.

On Sunday morning, the ordine dei giornalisti della Toscana, coordinated by Claudio Vecoli, organized a conference discussing, from historical and juridical perspectives, the relationship between carnival, satire and censorship. The debate explored the differences between satire and critique, and provided examples of censored floats throughout the history of the carnival in Viareggio. These dynamics let emerge the disturbing potential of carnival for the power in place, either political or religious, and the need to control and limit what is expressed in such festive events.


Photo: Article published in Il Tirreno, 5.2.18, mentioning the presence of Prof. Monika Salzbrunn and Federica Moretti of the project ARTIVISM, during the conference on satire.

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